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Phone: (610) 696-2900 ext. 11
Chester County Council Boy Scouts of America


"The values, confidence and team-building experience that a young person gains through his or her involvement in Scouting will influence every aspect of their personal and professional life. That’s why Scouting has played—and will continue to play—such an important role in keeping our communities strong. The Council’s new Program, Activity & Resource Campus will be a tremendous asset in supporting the needs and interests of today’s youth as they train their hearts, minds and habits to become the leaders we need for tomorrow."
- Coach Dick Vermeil, Honorary Chair, Chester County Council PARC Campaign

"The Scouting program supports several key factors that contribute to a community's long-term stability: a strong work ethic, an attitude towards civic and social responsibility, exposure to a variety of topics--from American Cultures to Entrepreneurship to Welding--that play important parts of any economy. The Council's new Program, Activity & Resource Campus (PARC) has an opportunity to be a nexus for Chester County's youth to not just sit and receive information, but to put what they learn—in school and in Scouting—into practice.”
 - Gary W. Smith, President and CEO, Chester County Economic Development Council

“In our jobs as prosecutors, one of the highest forms of praise is when somebody says, 'You are such Boy Scout!’ To us, this means that we are showing integrity, respect, and diligence, no matter how difficult the circumstances. The Chester County Council’s Program, Activity & Resource Campus will help instill these same qualities in our future leaders. The Scout’s have our full support.”
- Thomas P. Hogan, Chester County District Attorney

“Chester County has been made stronger each day by the active presence of the Boy Scouts of America for the past 97 years. Many of our local civic and commercial organizations are being led by those who developed their sense of community and found their professional calling through Scouting. Chester County Council’s new Program, Activity & Resource Campus (PARC) is a natural evolution of the organization’s ability to provide opportunities that complement the formal education of our local youth, improve everyone’s understanding of the need to protect our environment and add to our community’s quality of life.”
Rep. Daniel “Dan” Truitt, Pennsylvania House of Representatives (156th Legislative District)