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Chester County Council Boy Scouts of America

Why do we need PARC?


There are several factors that lead us to developing PARC.

  • The current Council Service Center, located in West Chester, is obsolete. An extensive study of the facility shows that the cost to retrofit the current 1960’s building to today’s technology, accessibility and environmental standards is nearly the same as developing PARC. Yet the new PARC facility and property has major advantages in new indoor and outdoor leadership training and program sites for all levels of Scouting.

  • The current facility is well hidden from public view, making it difficult to find for new Scouting families and offering no public presence. PARC’s location on a major thoroughfare, central to the county’s population center and convenient to shopping, makes it an ideal location. It will be convenient for current Scouting families and attract new members.

  • Besides the building, there are no easy ways to use the current property in West Chester for Scouting or outdoor leadership training. PARC, with its hiking trails, streams, forests and fields make it an ideal venue for youth activities and leadership programs. In addition, site improvements like a BMX trail, ZIP line and more will make it fun for thousands of youth members each year.

  • The current facility has one training room. It is overscheduled, forcing important meetings elsewhere. Convenient space, whether in Council owned or community facilities is at a premium. Locations for youth and adult training and ceremonies is scarce. PARC addresses these needs. The anticipated indoor large meeting and several small meeting rooms in addition to lobby space will mean that we can accommodate our own needs, and possibly other community groups. Plus, PARC offers convenient outdoor training and ceremony space that would otherwise be found at our camps, far away from most Scouting families.

  • The current Scout Store is grossly inadequate for the demand for unit and youth member supplies. The new store will be centrally located and substantially bigger.