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Chester County Council Boy Scouts of America

How will PARC benefit our youth?


The Chester County Council, Boy Scouts of America provides our youth with programs and activities that allow them to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. 

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive shows that Scouting programs build its participants mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. The skills learned in Scouting help youth overcome obstacles and challenges with courage and character throughout their lives.

Study results indicate that Boy Scouts with at least 5 years’ tenure are more likely than boys who have never been Scouts to:

  • Assume leadership roles in clubs or school organizations

  • Put the needs of others before their own

  • Have higher self-confidence

  • Be active in a variety of after-school activities

  • Resist peer pressure to take part in delinquent or dishonest activities

Scouting teaches life skills. Scouting also provides youth with skills that help them cope with any situation. Youth say Scouting has taught them to:

  • Always give their best effort

  • Always be honest

  • Treat others with respect

  • Set goals

  • Stay physically fit

  • Take care of the environment

Scouting offers a solution and Chester County Council is already making an impact. But there is a gap between what is happening now and what will be possible with a facility that can accommodate multiple training courses; outdoor lessons and activities and truly serve as a resource to volunteers, youth members and the Chester County community.